The Employee Guide and People Policies

We know just how important having good quality documents such as Handbooks and People Policies are for a business but we are not keen on the large dusty handbooks that welcome employees to the business whilst explaining all the ways they can be dismissed, so we’ve created something much friendlier.

We’ve created an Employee Guide and full set of People Policies that can be edited to represent your business.

But before you start you need to check whether these sound like a good fit for you and your business so we’ve described the approach we’ve taken to these new documents.

  • All our documents show balance. This means that the contribution or commitment is outlined for both the company and your people. This demonstrates a fair and equal relationship rather than as a master and servant or parent and child relationship.
  • Language: We will, where appropriate, use first person language such as we, you and us.
    • The company, association, business or charity will be referenced as agreed.
    • You, our people, our team and, on occasion, the employee.
    • Where we need to make reference to a third person we will try and use they/them where ever practical and will only use he or she where it is necessary to identify gender.
  • We will ensure that all our documents are friendly and easy to read whilst being legally compliant.  We may on occasion use legal terminology but only where necessary.  
  • We will encourage you as the employer to go above the statutory minimum, where you can, to enhance your employment value proposition and to demonstrate that you value the relationship you have with your people. . 
  • We will endeavour to show empathy in the language we use especially in policies that relate to situations that have a negative impact on your people such as bereavement, mental health and long term sickness
  • We will encourage employees to behave like adults and take responsibility for their own actions and development.  We will try not to have too many “may contain nuts” moments.


The price is £900 (+ VAT)  

If you would like to book a call to discuss working with us to update your documents please book a call or email


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